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Metinvest is the only supplier of pipes for Gaz de France in CIS

30 September 2010 // Press centre Metinvest Group

C4Gas S.A. (France), major purchasing portal of EU largest gas-transportation and oil-and-gas companies, has finalized the procedure of certification of products and sales structure in Metinvest Group: Metinvest International S.A. and OJSC KhTW were included into the list of authorized suppliers of gas concern Gaz de France. The qualification certificate presented by C4Gas S.A. enables Metinvest to participate in tenders for the supply of SAW pipes for European companies.

The company started preparation to the certification in April 2008, procedure consisted of three stages: adaptation and preparation of documents; audit of enterprises; supply of pilot lot of products. Pilot lot produced by Khartsyzsk Tube Works was shipped to gas concern Gaz de France in February of 2010. The deal has become the first-ever supply of Ukrainian SAW pipes to Gaz de France.

Based on results of passing all necessary stages, Metinvest was awarded a certificate enabling to participate in all tenders of Gaz de France for supplies of SAW pipes. Besides, having the certificate is a necessary condition for cooperation with such large gas-transport companies as SPP A.S. Eustream S.A. (Slovakia) and STEWEAG-STEG GmbH (Austria). These companies purchase gas pipes only from C4Gas S.A. qualified producers. Presently, Metinvest is the only Company in CIS having the qualification.

Dmitriy Nikolaenko, acting Sales Director, Steel & Rolled Product Division of Metinvest Holding noted: “This was a difficult stage for us that demanded maximum concentration on the task. Taking into account the fact that С4Gas S.A. is a subsidiary and a purchasing portal of EU largest gas transport and oil & gas companies, this qualification was of highest priority for us. I’m sure the certificate will significantly strengthen positions of Metinvest in highly-competitive European market”.

Jack Maclachlan, CEO of the Steel & Rolled Product Division regards the certification as start of new milestone for Metinvest: “The C4Gas S.A. certification has brought us a wide range of opportunities and promising outlook. Confirmation of Metinvest’s qualification is a guarantee of confident promotion of Company’s products in fast-developing global energy markets, which can become for us an important outlet”.


С4Gas S.A. - subsidiary and purchasing unit of following companies:

  • Gaz de France Suez S.A. (France) – EU largest state-ownedoil-and-gas Company.
  • GrdFS.A.(France)-gas transport branch of GdF Suez (network length is 186, 000км)
  • GRT Gaz S.A. (France) gas transport branch of GdF Suez (network length is 31, 717km )
  • Storengy S.A. (France) branch of GDF Suez dealing with compressed gas storage
  • National Grid S.A.(England)-operator of entire land gas-transport network of Great Britain (the length of gas-transport system is about 6,800 km).
  • Fluxys  S.A. (Belgium) – operator of gas transportation network of Belgium (network length is 3,800 km)

SPP A.S. Eustream S.A. (Slovakia) – is the largest gas transportation network of Slovakia and a reliable supplier of energy and services. SPP directly follows on from over 150 years of gas industry in Slovakia. The company offers solutions in energy savings and supports initiatives oriented to sustainable development. The shareholders of SPP are the Slovak Republic through the National Property Fund (FNM, 51 %) and the consortium Slovak Gas Holding of the companies E.ON Ruhrgas and GDF SUEZ (49 %).

Steweag Steg GmbH — is a gas-transport company engages in the supply and distribution of electricity. The company owns and operates electricity distribution networks in the high, medium and low voltage area. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Graz, Austria. Steweag Steg GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark AG.

Metinvest International SA, located in Geneva (Switzerland), is the distribution channel of Steel and Rolled Products Division’s Sales Service of Metinvest Group. It is responsible for export sales of iron ore raw materials, semi-finished and finished steel products manufactured by Metinvest Group mining and steelmaking companies onto foreign markets outside Ukraine and CIS. Metinvest International has representations and agencies in 12 countries around the world, which constitute the global sales network covering all major regional market segments. The company is represented in Istanbul (Turkey), Beirut (Lebanon), Beijing (China), Oppeano (Italy), Belgrade (Serbia), Teheran (Iran), Vilnius (Lithuania), Singapore (Singapore), Dubai (UAE), Tunis (Tunisia) and has authorized agents in Santo-Domingo (Dominican Republic), Toronto (Canada).

OJSC  Khartsyzsk Tube Works is the largest enterprise in CIS manufacturing large diameter longitudinal seam SAW pipes (508-1422 mm in diameter) with corrosion-resistant exterior and interior or flow coating for oil and gas pipelines. Plant facilities allow to manufacture more than 1.3 mln. t of pipes per year including 665 ths. t of coated pipes. Integrated Management System ensuring stable high quality of the products to the customers is functioning at Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API Spec Q1, DSTU ISO 9001 and GOST R ISO 9001 create its foundation. Products are certified according to API, EN Standards and in national system UkrSEPRO. PJSC Khartsyzsk Tube works is a part of Steel and Rolled Products Division, Metinvest Group.

Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and metallurgical group of companies. Production facilities of Metinvest Group enterprises allow both to satisfy own demand for raw materials, liquid steel and semi-finished products and to be key supplier for major Ukrainian and European companies as well as Asian companies. The shareholders of Metinvest Group are SCM Group (75%) and Smart Holding (25%) that take part in management of Metinvest Group on partnership basis.

METINVEST HOLDING, LLC is the managing Company of Metinvest Group.